Best Gym Equipment to Start your home gym

You want your own space without those judgmental eyes or having to wait for the gym equipment when you are carving out your body to your fitness goal. Most people do not prefer commercial gyms if they plan to keep fitness a life long goal. They invest in home gyms. the spare bedroom or garage or even a part of the man cave gives way to this healthy life choice. There can be no excuses to work out when the gym is at home, right?

Investing on a home gym can not only save you time and money but it can also be your sanctuary and possibly even a reason to get the entire family active. Whether your goal is to lose weight or increase your stamina or good old strength training, there are a few basic equipment every home gym should have. We’re going to go over the most vital one on the list – one that can provide head to toe training.

The power rack: Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced bodybuilder, this equipment is considered a must have along with a bench, a barbell and some plates – to build a world-class home gym.


While free weights and cardio machines are abundant, and people would generally incline to purchase that first, it is recommended to buy a power rack instead. Let’s take a look at what a power rack is and what you need to know about one before buying one.

What’s a power rack?

A power rack, otherwise referred to as the squat rack or the power cage, is a steel structure skeleton that aids in executing a few important essential workouts involving the squat or the bench.

What features should you be looking out for when purchasing a power rack?

Weight capacity rating

The heavier the power rack, the more durable and stronger the structure is. Light power racks would be required to be bolted to the floor to avoid tipping or moving.

Safety latches

These are a pair of strong metal inserts that can serve as safety bar when you squat with the barbell and cannot lift.

Internal dimensions (including heights)

Homes aren’t generally built to house a 108” commercial power rack. So before buying the top of the shelf version, take note of the height of the room in which this equipment is going to go. Limited space is far often the challenge than limited budget when choosing the right power rack for your home gym.

Pin holes and J-hooks

These are a pair of small lip inserts that you can adjust on a power rack according to the required height for a barbell exercise.


Most power racks come with a wide range of accessories like a lat pull attachment or the structure to aid the set-up of a pull up bar, dip bars or a monkey bar. Weight storage options on the side would also be a nice to-have addition while choosing the power rack.


The above is a quick overview of the basic power rack and hopefully, it has provided you with the key elements you’d need to look for while purchasing one.

The power rack is designed for people who train seriously. If you’re not sure where to look for one, I’d suggest you look at this link for the most popular ones for a home gym.

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